We want to build a better sales experience. Inside sales is taking off, with more and more sales calls being performed online rather than in person. But the experience is a far cry from where it should be. By creating a sales engagement platform, our goal is to empower sales teams to perform better demos and close more deals.

One-on-one conversations drive sales. Bonjour is the platform to set up execute, and follow up on sales conversations, at scale. By offering a superior experience to customers and empowering sales reps to perform better demos, Bonjour helps teams close more deals.

As a growing amount of sales conversations take place remotely - rather than in-person - Bonjour will create the new standard for a modern, seamless sales experience. With advanced screensharing, effortless booking, and detailed reporting, Bonjour is helping sales teams make each call count.

Their mission is to give power back to sales teams: to offer a better experience, to deliver more impactful presentations, and to build their processes at scale. More than just software, Bonjour is reinventing the way people buy and sell.

Jonathan Beurel and Etienne Dargnies joined eFounders in 2019 to build Bonjour. The first sales engagement platform was born.

Etienne Dargnies, CEO

Etienne is an experienced CEO with a passion for building high-performing teams. He joined Bonjour to build an A-team and bring a better sales experience to prospects, sales reps, and managers.

Jonathan Beurel, CTO

A seasoned engineer and veteran POC-builder, Jonathan joined eFounders to build something big. He took on the challenge of building Bonjour and reinventing the way teams sell.


Bonjour joins the eF19 batch.

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