Employee engagement powered by virtual credits.

Thanks: small word, big impact. Briq injects small doses of recognition in employees' daily lives to make them feel - and act - like a team. Briq allows companies to adapt recognition to fit their culture and turn it into their competitive advantage.

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It all started at eFounders: Briq was an internal currency that we hacked as a quick way to give each other a kudos and build team spirit in the fast-paced environment of our studio. But the problem we were solving turned out to be broader, and impacted companies far and wide.

For companies to build their culture, turn it into a competitive advantage, and drive performance, they would need a simple way to trigger actions in line with that culture. Briq was first released as a Slack app to do just that. And grew from there.

Briq had long been a cornerstone of our culture at eFounders. And it rapidly became the foundation for the culture of companies around the world.

Meet the founder.

Briq started as an internal currency for eFounders and our startups. But with an increasing desire to capitalize on company culture to drive engagement and performance, Briq was launched as an independent project in 2017.

Laurent Van Basselaere


A two-time entrepreneur with a strong expertise in tech and product development, Laurent joined eFounders in 2016 to launch Briq as part of our 2017 batch of startups.

Their story

They're on a mission


Briq launches on ProductHunt.

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