Legal teams around the world rely on outdated tools to deliver business-critical work. At Canyon, we are creating a new way for people to work on legal by centralizing all matters and legal data into one place and enabling seamless collaboration with lawyers and colleagues. Our LegalOps platform gives legal teams superpowers on their journey to both protect and grow the business.

Legal teams must accomplish a lot with little. This creates a lot of frustration and avoidable friction, which ultimately grinds the whole business to a halt during critical times. At Canyon, we want to fix this, by turning legal into a business enabler.

LegalOps is the new paradigm. We want to help modern legal teams in their shift towards operational excellence. Sales people have their CRM, now legal people have Canyon. An all-in-one platform making it easy to work on ongoing matters with colleagues and lawyers, and a single source of truth for everything legal.

Canyon is a new beginning for legal teams. We are at a time where thriving legal teams embrace a world of collaboration, integration, control and continuous improvement. Canyon is here to help reinvent the way people interact on legal matters.

Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten joined eFounders in 2020 to build Canyon and help legal teams around the world on their quest to both protect and grow the business.

Adrien van den Branden, CEO

Adrien is a tech-enabled lawyer on a mission to help legal teams around the world in their shift towards operational excellence. He co-founded Canyon to reinvent the way lawyers work.

Thomas Vanderstraeten, CTO

An experienced CTO and former management consultant, Thomas is on a journey to put technology at the service of people, with a passion for the digitalization of complex industries. He co-founded Canyon to bring joy to legal practitioners.


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