The innovation platform for SMEs

SaaS opened up the potential for offering powerful tools to all companies at an affordable price point. But most SaaS companies cater to other startups or enterprise accounts, leaving traditional SMEs on the side of the road. We created Chilli to spice things up in traditional companies, and allow SaaS vendors to penetrate this unaddressed market.

Chilli screenshot

With 95% of the market for B2B software left unchartered, Chilli's mission is to encourage SMB leaders to embrace the power of SaaS and to help put software vendors in touch with piping hot opportunities.

Their solution to the problem combines a human-centric, consultancy approach to map out the pain points of deciders in the SME market as well as a powerful matching platform to connect them to relevant and reliable SaaS products.

Their mission: to get SMEs back on track and to crack SaaS distribution to this underserved market. To execute their vision, they've put together a team blending consulting and product-driven folks led by Julien Lhoste and Pierre Chapuis.

Meet the founders.

Julien Lhoste and Pierre Chapuis' complementary set of skills - from traditional consulting and product - allowed them to launch Chilli, a consultancy-software hybrid.

Julien Lhoste


Julien has an impressive track record as a consultant. As a first-time founder, he joined our EF19 batch to build Chilli.

Pierre Chapuis


Pierre has an engineering background and is an experienced CTO. He joined the team to build the matching platform between SaaS companies and traditional SMEs.