Collective is our vision of what the future of work will look like. Freelancing has been on the up-trend for a while, and in parallel, we've seen a rise in groups of freelancers working together: collectives. While independent freelancers have dedicated platforms, collectives are still underserved. Collective aims to become the go-to solution where the best pools of talent can legally and commercially offer their services and grow their businesses.

Freelancers are increasingly teaming up to pool their skillset at the services of companies. And unlike professional service firms, collectives are leaner, move faster and provide a set of expertise that's more specific and adapted.

We're building Collective because we want to provide a space where the best groups of talent can freely, legally and commercially meet companies. A SaaS-enabled marketplace, Collective helps companies easily identify the best crews to run their project.

With Collective, we want to reinvent the way in which companies manage projects by empowering new and innovative collectives of talent. Beyond just being a platform, Collective aims to create a new way of working where independence, security and fulfilment will prevail.

Jean de Rauglaudre, CEO

Jean is a former strategy consultant and freelancer with deep knowledge of the B2B sector. Passionate about tech and people, he’s co-founding Collective to combine the two and launch a new vision for work.

Vianney de Drouas, COO

Having previously worked in a leading French fintech, Vianney likes the challenge of simplifying legal, admin & finance tasks by crafting great products. He’s co-founding Collective to make work more purposeful for millions of people across the world.

Paul Vidal, CTO

Paul is a former software engineer at a leading cloud monitoring SaaS. Close to the tech freelancing industry, he is co-founding Collective to help build the everyday tools for teams of independents. He looks forward to bringing this new way of working to the forefront and revolutionizing the service industry.


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