With Crew, we want to empower leaders and recruiters to hire the best teams. In one complete tool, we address the changes from passive hiring to today's much more active forms of recruiting. To reach the moon, companies will need the best crews.

Hiring is key and it always has been. It's the most impactful thing leaders and teams can do for their business. But recruiting has changed and the existing hiring softwares have not evolved at the same pace. Companies used to be passive and wait for candidates to come to them. Now, they have to go after talent much more aggressively.

We're building Crew to help companies adapt to these changes and hire the best teams. We want to help recruiters double down on new outbound methods (sourcing, cold outreach), nurture talent and develop new partnerships. Crew is the first all-in-one recruitment platform that combines inbound and outbound hiring, as well as partnerships.

The platform empowers recruiters by automating workflows and making sure they won't have to ever switch from one tool to another. No more frictions. No more tedious work. Ever again.

Amine Skalli, CEO

Amine has a strong entrepreneurial background having led product at previous successful ventures. He is joining eFounders to lead Crew and help companies reach the moon.

Mohamed Labourdy, CTO

Mohamed is a DevSecOps Evangelist with a deep experience building distributed applications. A two times founder, author and regular speaker, he joined Crew to build the first all-in-one recruiting platform.


Crew joins the eF20 batch.

Oct 1, 2020 — Read more on our blog

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