Dotfile is the platform that helps businesses onboard clients and suppliers 10x faster while staying compliant. We replace clunky admin tools or spreadsheets and enable companies to build complex onboarding flows without coding.

In many industries, businesses have lengthy requirements to tick before they can start working with new clients or suppliers: identity verification, document checks, verifying data through external sources, contract signature and more.

Orchestrating all these bricks into a frictionless flow, while navigating the complexity of ever-changing legislations and market-specific requirements has proved to be a a huge challenge that most companies cannot afford to solve.

In-house solutions are often rigid and don't give business teams the freedom to experiment as much as they want, while existing products often focus on one aspect of the problem. Dotfile is the only Onboarding Control Center that helps companies convert more client while reducing compliance costs.

Vasco Alexandre, CEO

Prior to co-founding Dotfile, Vasco worked in Operations for leading startups in the mobility and food delivery industries, scaling processes and teams across Europe. He joined eFounders to build the SaaS tool he wished he had access to back then.

Titouan Benoit, CTO

Titouan is an engineer by training, and has held technical leadership positions at several early stage projects, particularly in the insuretech sector. With eFounders, Titouan found a match to his entrepreneurial ambitions.