With Fleex, we're tackling the future of work head-on. Fleex makes work happen from anywhere by enabling companies to provide and support their remote employees with everything they need to work in the best conditions.

Remote work has gone from being a novelty to being the norm for many. It's impacted the way we collaborate, the tools we use, and our working conditions. With Fleex, remote teams can now benefit from everything they used to enjoy in the office, anywhere they are located.

We are convinced that in a context where the physical office loses its attractiveness, companies will have to make concerted efforts to transfer their company culture remotely. Fleex is quickly on its way to becoming the go-to perk for companies conscious of their employees' well-being, and wanting to keep on engaging and hiring the best talent.

At the core of Fleex is a deep belief in sustainability and design. The Fleex team consciously curates the products and services on offer so they meet the highest-standards of care and bring confort to remote teams, wherever they may be.

Noemie El-Baz and William Genis partnered with eFounders in 2020 to help companies make work happen from anywhere.

Noémie El-Baz, CEO

With a background in finance and after a couple of entrepreneurial stints, Noemie wanted to put her business sense and communicative energy to founding another business. At the border between SaaS and Ops, she's cofounding Fleex to help companies embark upon the future of work.

William Genis, COO

Having built and ran a B2C furniture rental business for 6 years, William is an expert in everything logistics. He masters perfectly what's at stake to create the best remote experience for each and every employee out there.


Fleex launches.

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