The next generation contact manager.

How is it that in an era that champions connectivity the way people manage their network is hopelessly stuck in the past? Relationships are a vital part of many businesses. And Folk is the first app that lets teams build, grow, and nurture their relationships, collaboratively.

Folk screenshot

For a significant chunk of professionals and businesses, success depends on maintaining a strong network of stakeholders.

Folk relies on smart automation and powerful integrations to allow teams to seamlessly map out and activate their network. Unlike most sales-oriented solutions on the market, Folk is built around long-term relationships that will be leveraged through time in many different ways.

They are opening up a new realm of possibilities for businesses that depend on a strong network to generate new opportunities and inspiring new ways of managing team contacts. #NoCRM

Meet the founders.

Founded by Ronan and Noé as part of eFounders' 2017 batch of startups, Folk is built around a team of experts in relationship-intensive sectors.

Ronan Gouëllo


A former venture capital and private equity investor, Ronan joined eFounders to position Folk as the tool for relationship-intensive businesses.

Noé Malzieu


A two-time entrepreneur with a background in engineering, Noé came to eFounders to build a new way for teams to manage their network.