The universal back office.

For teams to achieve operational excellence, they need a rock-solid back office. For lack of a better option, most companies would reluctantly allocate time and effort to building their own home-made solution. Forest is changing that.

Forest screenshot

80% of any back office's features are identical from one company to the next. Regardless of business model, company size, and industry. CRUD, research, export, visualization: Forest does it all. And more. Allowing users to easily customize their back-end to meet their exact needs, Forest is becoming the go-to, plug-and-play admin interface for companies around the world.

At eFounders, all our projects depend on it to focus their efforts on what matters most: serving their clients. The first product of it's kind, Forest is putting admin-as-a-service on the map. And fast becoming the backbone of any web-based company.

The magnitude of the project can't be over-stated. Building a product for bootstrappers and rapidly scaling teams alike, as well as facing the technical challenge of adapting to any stack is a mind-blowing achievement. And one we're proud to have launched.

Meet the founder.

Sandro Munda, founder and CEO, teamed up with eFounders to build the product and the team from scratch as part of eFounders 2016 batch of startups.

Sandro Munda


Sandro is a former software engineer turned entrepreneur. His technical expertise and ace-team put Forest on track to hyper-growth.

Their story

They're on a mission


Forest raises a $3 million seed round from Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel.

Jan 16, 2018Read more on our blog

Forest publicly launches its universal back office.

May 17, 2017

Forest helps developers save a tremendous amount of time with an instant and customizable back office.