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Task management for well run workplaces.

Software has made work easier for all employees. Except office operations teams. From this simple observation, we laid the vision to build software to easily run an office, codename: OfficeX. Hivy, as the project later came to be known, focused squarely on empowering office operations teams.

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A well-run office is the foundation of the employee experience. And startups as well as larger companies are quick to prove their commitment to their team and make their stellar experience a competitive advantage in drawing in, as well as retaining, their talents.

Yet operational teams were limited in their ability to manage incoming demands by their reliance on faulty tools. Hivy changed that by pioneering a new class of software: an internal helpdesk to streamline managing employee requests.

Becoming the cornerstone of a well-run office was their mission from Day-1. Acquired by Managed by Q, the team pursue their mission with the support of a well-funded, like-minded organization.

Meet the founders.

Hivy's founding team include Pauline Tordeur and Pierre-Alain Loiseau. Launched in 2015, they led the team to participate in Y Combinator's W17 batch of startups.

Pauline Tordeur


With a strong background in entrepreneurship, Pauline brought Hivy to product-market fit and into Y Combinator's W17 batch.

Pierre-Alain Loiseau


Pierre-Alain brought his engineering expertise to the Hivy team, building a simple and effective way to manage all office needs.

Their story

They're on a mission


Hivy is acquired by Managed By Q.

Sep 27, 2017Read more on our blog

Hivy is accepted at the Y-Combinator

Feb 16, 2017

Hivy brings productivity to Office Management with its desktop and mobile apps that collect, organize and anticipate requests made in the office.