Rock your days.

With Kairn, we're going beyond the task manager. We're rethinking how people get things done. Too often, to-do apps require time and effort to maintain when they should focus on one key element: freeing-up time for their users. We want to create better routines for individuals and teams so that at the end of the day, they can feel like their best productive selves.

Kairn screenshot

Productivity starts with ticking-off tasks. But when your tasks are coming from everywhere, be it email, Slack, messages or even a website, it's hard to focus on what needs to be done. That's why we're building Kairn. A task manager with all your tasks updated in real-time, in one place.

Central to Kairn is the speedy creation of tasks. With a smart shortcut, you can create tasks wherever you are. Kairn also integrates with your favorite communication tools - if you star a message in Gmail, Slack or WhatsApp, it automatically creates a task. Kairn makes to-do list maintaining a thing of the past.

Kairn offers a new vision of productivity. We've designed it to supercharge the productivity of its users. The To-Do app is only the first step in that mission. Ultimately, Kairn wants to reinvent project management for teams.

Meet the founders.

Patricia Bernasconi and Augustin Vignet joined eFounders in 2020 to launch Kairn and help people get things done.

Patricia Bernasconi


Patricia is an experienced entrepreneur and a former investment banker. An energetic leader, she co-founded Kairn to empower individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

Augustin Vignet


A seasoned CTO with a strong engineering background. Augustin is passionate about leading tech teams and bringing his ideas to life. He co-founded Kairn to reinvent the way people manage their days.