Marble is the next generation decision engine for fraud and compliance. The tool enables fintechs and financial institutions to monitor transactions and user activity in real time.

Holding or moving money – whether you’re a full financial institution, a crypto company or a marketplace– is a massive challenge. Customers and partners are entrusting you with their assets, but are unwilling to part with ease of use or simplicity to safeguard it.

This problem has long been fought with tools that no longer respond to the expectations of a real time finance world: scenarios are too generic hence generating a lot of false positives, new rules are slow to integrate and rule performances are hard to track.

Marble is our answer to enable risk and compliance teams to create their best risk monitoring scenarios without constraints, for the benefits of the customers and the industry as a whole.

Juliette Pochard-Dufrane, Co-founder

As a former strategy consultant with a strong business background, Juliette likes solving complex problems with tech and data. Eager to take on a new challenge, she co-founded Marble with the desire to help fintechs fight fraud. In her downtime, she's a big fan of open water swimming.

Arnaud Schwartz, Co-founder

A former banker specializing in new retail products, Arnaud moved to fintech in 2014 to build the first P2P lending platform in France for businesses. He went on to join a B2B focused neobank, building their ops, risk and banking product. He co-founded Marble having become frustrated by the difficulty of setting up a solid and compliant risk department in the past. A Dad of 2, he's an avid runner and biker.

Adrien Hoarau , Co-Founder

Passionate about all things data, Adrien is Marble's CTO. Prior to joining Marble, he worked on risk models using AI and Machine Learning for a trade credit insurer, before co-founding his first startup where he built a cloud-based data engine to allow data scientists to process huge datasets. In his downtime, he is an avid runner and foodie.