Multis marks our entry into the blockchain arena. Our vision with Multis is simple, we want to build a cryptobank for companies. We are convinced that building an intuitive simple interface can enable companies to manage, send, and receive payments in cryptocurrency. The goal: replicate the neobanking experience, with cryptocurrency.

In 2008, Bitcoin became the first peer-to-peer electronic cash system allowing online payments without the need for an institution. The same way internet radically changed the way we exchanged data, the interchain and its blockchains will redesign the way we exchange value.

Soon, all transactions will be digitalized and every company will need to own cryptocurrencies to operate. The current tools are designed for individuals or developers and it remains quite difficult for companies to manage their crypto-currencies efficiently and securely.

That's why we're building Multis: by adding a layer of interface to render blockchain technology more accessible, we want to help companies manage cryptos and become the only product companies need to run a crypto activity. Just like a neobank, but for cryptos.

Theophile Villard and Thibaut Sahagian joined eFounders in 2018 to launch Multis. Leveraging the potential of blockchain technology, they built the first product of its kind in the crypto space.

Thibaut Sahaghian, CEO

A former entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Thibaut joined the team to pioneer a gateway for companies to access the growing cryptoeconomy.

Theophile Villard, CTO

Combining industry expertise and technical ability, Theo wanted to build a product that would change the way people interact with and use blockchain technology.


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