Payment operations for tech companies.

Bank transfers and debits represent 99% of all payments in value - dwarfing credit card payments. But when it comes to receiving or sending payments to their banks, companies still use tools from 15 years ago.

That's where Numeral comes in. Numeral allows tech companies to connect to their banks and automate payments, from initiation to reconciliation, with a single API and web app. With Numeral tech companies can embed payment capabilities into their products, offer delightful payment experiences to their users, and build scalable payment operations in days, not months.

While companies such as Stripe and Adyen have developed APIs for cards and alternative payment methods, there is no such solution for bank payments. We are changing this with Numeral.

Edouard Mandon, CEO

In a previous life, Édouard built finance ops teams in Africa and fintech products in Paris. With Numeral, Édouard sets out to build the operating system for fintech companies and finance ops teams.

Hichem Maalmi, CTO

Passionate about tech, Hichem has a strong background in IT and banking. He co-founded Numeral to reinvent banking payments and improve the day-to-day lives of finance ops teams.


Numeral raises €13 million to automate payment operations

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