Roundtable is the social platform for top-tier private investments.

We believe that private investments will become one of the most attractive asset classes in the next few years. With Roundtable, we are leveraging the very social nature of these investments and creating the go-to platform for investments in premium startups, Venture Capital and Private Equity funds in Europe.

First, Roundtable will focus on enabling direct investments in start-ups. Then the team will open other asset classes to become the one-stop-shop for non-professional investors for all premium private investments.

With Roundtable, we want to foster the ultimate investing experience by enabling business angels to create or join a community to co-invest and get access to the best deals. We also want to make it easy for founders onboard all the business angels they want while securing a clean cap table for future rounds of fundings.

Evan Testa, CEO

Evan is a former project leader at a leading consulting firm who thrives when connecting people together to create synergies. When he realized the central place of social dynamics in the investments in private markets, where exclusive opportunities are only available to a limited few, he decided to co-found Roundtable to facilitate the matching of opportunity providers with investors.

Julien Fissette, CPO

Julien is a former Lead Data Scientist at a leading consulting firm. He loves building products to solve business problems. When he invested in his first startups, he realized how much private markets were an insider market. He is co-founding Roundtable to help millions of people get access to alternative investments.

Simon Ternoir, CTO

Simon has served as founder and CTO of startups for over a decade. He built SaaS platforms used by thousands of daily users, secured tech architectures trusted by sensitive enterprise customers, and managed international teams on machine learning projects.


Roundtable officially launches its product to enable any individual to invest in startups with their peers

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