The note app for teams.

The idea behind Slite is simple: modern teams rely on chat to get things done, they need notes to consolidate their learnings. Slite is the first note app designed specifically for collaboration in modern teams. Find out more about why we built Slite below.

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Looking at how teams bring in more collaboration to their processes, one thing stood out: the way more information and constant updates drowned out some of the important knowledge that was being collected by teams in their day-to-day work.

Slite aims to help companies transition from an oral culture to a written one with one simple format: the note. Easy to create, easy to maintain, and easy to find: notes are a game-changer for teams looking to bring more transparency and more autonomy to individual members.

Slite is paving the way for the move away from traditional document collaboration and internal wikis towards seamless collaborative platforms. Goodbye docs, hello Slite!

Meet the founder.

Christophe Pasquier is the founder of Slite. He launched the project in 2016 and has built a highly talented team dedicated to reinventing the way organizations collaborate and handle their internal documents.

Christophe Pasquier


Christophe has a strong engineering background with a degree from Ecole Centrale Paris. He is also a 3-time entrepreneur and a charismatic leader.

Their story

They're on a mission


Slite raises $11M Series A with Spark Capital.

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Slite raises $4.4M with Index Ventures.

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Slite joins Y Combinator's W18 batch.

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