Spendesk's vision: to make company payments as simple as personal transactions. From purchase requests to payments to receipt processing, Spendesk makes keeping track of one-off expenses and subscriptions easy and efficient.

Modern teams work with nimble processes, fast iterations, and high autonomy. Except for managing company spending. Processes are tedious, full of paperwork, and require multiple levels of approval to get moving. A state of affairs that Spendesk aims to overturn.

A first-mover in the space, Spendesk built and launched the first version of the product in 2016. Their virtual card solution allows employees to manage one-off payments and subscriptions simply and efficiently. A drastic improvement from the pains of shared company credit cards and monthly expense reports.

Spendesk is breaking the bottleneck of spend management and letting teams realize their full potential with higher autonomy and velocity.

Rodolphe Ardant, founder and CEO of Spendesk, along with Jordane Giuly and Guilhem Bellion joined eFounders in 2016 to launch the first version of the product. They're building a top-performing team to sustain their incredible growth and leading the way towards easier company spending.

Rodolphe Ardant, CEO

Former COO of Drivy and founder of Wozaik, Rodolphe has a background in engineering with a degree from Ecole Polytechnique.

Guilhem Bellion, CTO

With a background in software development, Guilhem blends technical expertise and creativity to build a 1st in class solution.


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Spendesk rethinks company credit cards for CFOs and employees to eliminate administrative burden.