As experts in SaaS, eFounders is in a unique position to understand - and tackle - the issues that the proliferation of software has brought to knowledge workers' workflows. The key insight that led to building Station: the need for a unifying interface to tie all our information together.

Consider how millions get work done every day: in their trusty old browser. Now consider what the tool was actually built to do. The gap is phenomenal. And the consequences are plainly obvious: lost focus and productivity.

Another consequence of this is the rise of so-called "shadow IT", a burden for security and costs for companies around the world. A problem that Station is uniquely positioned to solve.

By building a work station that solves employee productivity and focus, Station can also tackle organization-wide issues. A bold vision that drives a bold team.

Julien Berthomier launched Station in 2016. The team is changing the way millions get work done every day. And are set to aim even higher in the coming years!

Julien Berthomier, CEO

Julien is a 2-time entrepreneur with a strong business background. Before joining eFounders to build Station, he scouted emerging markets for hot tech startups.


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