When you add a banking layer to an app: you stop being a middle man, you offer your users an end-to-end experience, and you expand your business model. We wanted to make it possible for businesses to provide banking services to their users and for companies to build custom tools for their finance teams, with just a few lines of code. So we created Swan.

Offering banking services - for internal or external purposes - is a hassle. Regulatory constraints and technical difficulty render implementing the simplest service a huge pain. With Swan's API, we created a complete toolkit to start offering banking services from day 1.

Swan lets businesses offer simple banking services like issuing wallets, cards, and IBANs with a dead-simple API built to scale. Based on technical excellence and legal robustness, Swan helps teams set up their service, and reinvent their business model with an off-the-shelf banking solution.

The founding team brings together industry expertise, product sense, and legal insights to deliver on their bold mission: to make banking services accessible to developers in just a few lines of code.

Nicolas Benady, Nicolas Saison, and Matthieu Breton joined the team in 2019. Together, they launched Swan, the simple banking API.

Nicolas Benady, CEO

Nicolas is an experienced entrepreneur and an expert in the payments industry. He joined Swan to start his most ambitious venture yet.

Nicolas Saison, CPO

Nicolas Saison - aka Sixteen - crafted Swan to be compliant-by-default as well as a no-brainer for teams to deploy.

Mathieu Breton, CTO

Mathieu is an expert software engineer and experienced CTO. He joined Swan to API-ize money.


Swan raises a whopping 5M€ seed round led by Creandum

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Swan joins the eF19 batch.

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