TextMaster was designed to make going global easy. Companies opening new markets already have a lot on their plates: TextMaster is a platform designed to easily put them in touch with trusted translators in their niche.

By combining technology with a network of verified expert translators, TextMaster is redefining how businesses handle translation. And letting them deliver a seamless brand experience on all their markets, and on all their communications.

With offices in France, Belgium, US and Italy, as well as team members that work remotely across Europe, TextMaster's global-minded team delivers translations to 5,000 customers in 110 countries worldwide.

Convinced that, for their content, brands should rely on human, subject-matter specialists, TextMaster lets brands be themselves, without borders.

Co-founded by Thibault Lougnon, Alexandre Ponsin, and Benoit Laurent in 2011, TextMaster was part of eFounders' 1st batch of startups. Their diverse and skilled team are trusted by 5,000 clients to optimize their translation workflow.

Thibault Lougnon, CEO

Former associate director at a leading French venture capital and private equity firm, Thibault joined TextMaster as CEO in 2012, shortly after the company's creation.

Alexandre Ponsin, CTO

Specialized in building, maintaining and scaling cloud platforms, Alexandre co-founded TextMaster in 2011.


TextMaster acquired by Technicis.

Apr 4, 2018 — Read more on our blog

Textmaster raises €5M to go global.


Textmaster raises a new round of €1M.

Jun 10, 2014 — Read more on Techcrunch.com

Textmaster raises €1.6M.

Nov 19, 2012 — Read more on Techcrunch.com

On the same day as the creation of eFounders, Textmaster is born: a marketplace coupled with an API where companies find quality translators and copywriters.