With Upflow, our ambition is bold. We want to remove the burden of getting paid for traditional businesses. By creating an innovative payment platform, we are giving companies the means to improve their cash-flows, view their finances in real-time and build a comprehensive strategy to meet their financial goals.

Managing outstanding invoices and being paid on time is a critical issue when it comes to B2B businesses that get paid by wire transfer. By automating low value-added tasks and rendering key stats and timely reminders, Upflow wants to equip financial teams to meet their targets.

And that's only just the tip of the iceberg. Because billing involves many different teams, Upflow aims to become a collaborative hub for all things accounts receivable. Sales, executives, and finance teams can all work in unison to drive faster payments and healthier finances.

With a clear vision to overhaul B2B payments, Upflow is fast-becoming a rising star in fintech. Automated, collaborative, and adaptable: they are setting a new standard in the payment game.

Alexandre Louisy and Barnaby Malet partnered up with eFounders in 2017 to launch Upflow. Gathering a talented team, they set our first project of our EF18 batch on track towards hyper growth.

Alexandre Louisy, CEO

With a background in engineering, Alexandre is an expert in the financial industry. Convinced of the potential for new technologies to disrupt the sector, he joined eFounders to do just that.

Barnaby Malet, CTO

Barnaby is a seasoned entrepreneur and software engineer. He joined eFounders to head up Upflow's product & engineering and help companies get paid on time.


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