Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset founded Yousign in 2013. We had met them at the start of the adventure and kept in touch over the years, until we decided to join forces. They brought the infrastructure and the team. We brought product and marketing expertise. Our shared ambition to turn Yousign into a European eSignature leader cemented our partnership.

eSignatures help connect businesses with their clients, employees, and partners. It's a growing industry, and one that eFounders has been keen to enter for a number of years - since 2014, when we bought the domain to be exact.

The market is still growing, and we believe there is room for a European leader to emerge. We partnered up with Yousign to bring that vision to life. Headquartered in Caen, Yousign is a fast-growing player on the French market. Active since 2013, the company is ready to enter a new dimension and open markets across Europe.

Yousign's platform lets teams around the world streamline their approval flows, secure their agreements, and offer an intuitive signing experience. With solutions based on security and simplicity, they're on a mission to create a simpler way of saying "yes".

Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset founded Yousign in 2013. They partnered up with eFounders in 2019 to turn Yousign into the European eSignature leader.

Luc Pallavidino, CEO

Luc is a payment systems engineer. In 2013, he and Antoine launched Yousign. In 2019, he partnered up with eFounders, joining as part of our EF19 batch of startups.

Antoine Louiset, CTO

Antoine is a security systems engineer. He brings technical and product expertise to root Yousign's solution in security and simplicity. He built Yousign's engineering team from scratch.


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