Zenvest started as an internal project to manage our community of investors. The difficulty of managing investment preferences, deal flow, and legal documentation at scale led us to attempt to address the issue the only way we know: through software. As the product grew into a full fledged club deal management software, we decided to open it to external use.

Club deals are drawing more and more interest from investors, and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking towards more progressive and less dilutive funding methods. With Zenvest, we want to offer an easy way to manage club deals at scale.

Zenvest is part light-weight CRM for club admins to manage investor relations, part deal-flow management to create, share, and fund opportunities, and part legal platform to track all relevant documentation on each deal.

Built with VCs, investment clubs, accelerators, and family offices in mind, our club deal management software is helping clubs grow their community and fund their opportunities effortlessly.

Simon Arvaux and Cyril Bertier joined forces to build Zenvest in 2018. Their goal: turning an internal tool into the first solution for club deal management.

Cyril Bertier, CEO

Cyril has a strong background in the financial industry. After working on institutional projects, he joined eFounders for his first entrepreneurial experience.

Simon Arvaux, CTO

Simon is eFounders' resident tech guy. He's helped countless teams build a product from scratch, until doing it for real with Zenvest.