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We work with talented founders of all backgrounds and all levels of experience. All our founders have:

Ambition to bring a new product on the market and turn it into a cutting-edge, fast-growing company.

Vision and the ability to communicate it to future team members, investors, and anyone you meet.

Product sense to deliver first-in-class experiences through cutting-edge software solutions.

Industry or technical expertise and the desire to reinvent your entire sector through technology.

Meet Christophe Pasquier,CEO @Slite

Christophe Pasquier,CEO @Slite

Chris is a two-time entrepreneur with an engineering background. He joined eFounders to dream bigger, and bring Slite (YC W18) to where it is today:

Meet Chris, CEO @Slite

Meet Alexandre Louisy,CEO @Upflow

Alexandre Louisy,CEO @Upflow

With a background in engineering, Alexandre is an expert in the financial industry. He joined eFounders to bring his first entrepreneurial venture further, faster:

Meet Alex, CEO @Upflow

Meet Pauline Tordeur,CEO @Hivy

Pauline Tordeur,CEO @Hivy

Pauline has a strong background in entrepreneurship. She joined Hivy (YC W17) to shift the project, bring it to product-market fit, and complete its acquisition:

Meet Pauline, CEO @Hivy

Meet Olivier Pailhes,CEO @Aircall

Olivier Pailhes,CEO @Aircall

A former consultant, Olivier joined eFounders to kickstart his entrepreneurial journey. He joined eFounders to build Aircall (500 Startups Batch 14) from scratch:

Meet Olivier, CEO @Aircall

Meet Alexandre Léger,CEO @Equify

Alexandre Léger,CEO @Equify

Alex is a former tax lawyer turned SaaS founder. He pitched the team his vision for the future of equity management, and joined eFounders to build the team and launch Equify:

Meet Alex, CEO @Equify

Meet Alexandre Lachèze,CTO @Station

Alexandre Lachèze,CTO @Station

Alex joined eFounders to find a cofounder and follow his vision to build an OS for companies. After meeting with the team, Station, the app to rule them all, was born:

Meet Alex, CTO @Station

Meet Rodolphe Ardant,CEO @Spendesk

Rodolphe Ardant,CEO @Spendesk

Rodolphe was a seasoned entrepreneur looking to experience hyper growth. He joined eFounders to set Spendesk on its journey to the stars:

Meet Rod, CEO @Spendesk

Meet Pierre-Baptiste & Xavier,CTOs @Aircall

Pierre-Baptiste & Xavier,CTOs @Aircall

PB and Xav were a complimentary duo (one front, one back) seeking the challenge of building a product from scratch using cutting edge technologies. Together, they built Aircall:

Meet PB and Xav, CTOs @Aircall

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