We give our founders an edge.
We partner up with the best entrepreneurs to launch world-class products and game-changing businesses. Our founders have built 34 startups with $175M in funding, 500 employees, and offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Berlin.

We work with talented founders of all backgrounds and all levels of experience. All our founders have:

Ambition to bring a new product on the market and turn it into a cutting-edge, fast-growing company.

Vision and the ability to communicate it to future team members, investors, and anyone you meet.

Product sense to deliver first-in-class experiences through cutting-edge software solutions.

Industry or technical expertise and the desire to reinvent your entire sector through technology.

Make it happen.

Idea, co-founder, team: we kickstart your company by bringing all the resources.

Set yourself up for success.

We increase your chance of success with extensive experience and a vast network.

Ambition without limits.

We let you dream bigger with funding and expertise to go further, faster.

A galaxy of founders

We partner up with the best entrepreneurs to launch world-class products and game-changing businesses. Our founders have built 34 startups with $175M in funding, 1000 employees, and offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Berlin.

Alexandre Léger, CEO

Equify — eF18

Alexandre is a tax-lawyer turned SaaS-entrepreneur. He teamed up with eFounders by joining our Start program in 2017 to kickstart Equify.

Thibault Lougnon, CEO

TextMaster — eF11

Former associate director at a leading French venture capital and private equity firm, Thibault joined TextMaster as CEO in 2012, shortly after the company's creation.

Alexandre Ponsin, CTO

TextMaster — eF11

Specialized in building, maintaining and scaling cloud platforms, Alexandre co-founded TextMaster in 2011.

Alexis Renard, CEO

Mailjet — eF11

An HEC graduate and B2B software expert, Alexis joined Mailjet in 2014 to lead the team to success.

Pierre Puchois, CTO

Mailjet — eF11

Specialized in IT infrastructure and operations, Pierre leads the tech team at Mailjet since 2015.

Cyril Bertier, CEO

Zenvest — eF18

Cyril has a strong background in the financial industry. After working on institutional projects, he joined eFounders for his first entrepreneurial experience.

Simon Arvaux, CTO

Zenvest — eF18

Simon is eFounders' resident tech guy. He's helped countless teams build a product from scratch, until doing it for real with Zenvest.

Nicolas Remia, CTO

Foxintel — eF16

Nicolas is an Epitech graduate, two-time founder, and software engineering expert. He launched FoxIntelligence and joined our Start program in 2016.

Rodolphe Ardant, CEO

Spendesk — eF16

Former COO of Drivy and founder of Wozaik, Rodolphe has a background in engineering with a degree from Ecole Polytechnique.

Theophile Villard, CTO

Multis — eF18

Combining industry expertise and technical ability, Theo wanted to build a product that would change the way people interact with and use blockchain technology.

Alexandre Louisy, CEO

Upflow — eF18

With a background in engineering, Alexandre is an expert in the financial industry. Convinced of the potential for new technologies to disrupt the sector, he joined eFounders to do just that.

Pauline Tordeur, CEO

Hivy — eF16

With a strong background in entrepreneurship, Pauline brought Hivy to product-market fit and into Y Combinator's W17 batch.

Pierre-Alain Loiseau, CTO

Hivy — eF16

Pierre-Alain brought his engineering expertise to the Hivy team, building a simple and effective way to manage all office needs.

Thibaud Elzière, CEO

Folk — eF19

As well as being the cofounder of eFounders, Thibaud took on the role of CEO of Folk to pioneer a new category of software.

Guilhem Bellion, CTO

Spendesk — eF16

With a background in software development, Guilhem blends technical expertise and creativity to build a 1st in class solution.

Laurent Van Basselaere, CTO

Briq — eF18

A two-time entrepreneur with a strong 10+years expertise in tech and product development, Laurent joined eFounders in 2016 before launching Briq as part of our 2018 batch of startups.

Etienne Dargnies, CEO

Bonjour — eF19

Etienne is an experienced CEO with a passion for building high-performing teams. He joined Bonjour to build an A-team and bring a better sales experience to prospects, sales reps, and managers.

Jonathan Beurel, CTO

Bonjour — eF19

A seasoned engineer and veteran POC-builder, Jonathan joined eFounders to build something big. He took on the challenge of building Bonjour and reinventing the way teams sell.

Sandro Munda, CEO

Forest — eF16

Sandro is a former software engineer turned entrepreneur. His technical expertise and ace-team put Forest on track to hyper-growth.

Luc Pallavidino, CEO

Yousign — eF19

Luc is a payment systems engineer. In 2013, he and Antoine launched Yousign. In 2019, he partnered up with eFounders, joining as part of our EF19 batch of startups.

Olivier Pailhès, Co-Founder & Board Member

Aircall — eF14

A former HEC graduate and BCG consultant, Olivier has a strong business background and has managed large scale, industrial companies.

Mehdi Boudoukhane, CEO

Cycle — eF19

Mehdi is passionate about all things product, he joined eFounders to reinvent product management from the ground up.

Thibaut Sahaghian, CEO

Multis — eF18

A former entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Thibaut joined the team to pioneer a gateway for companies to access the growing cryptoeconomy.

Pierre Renaudin, CTO

Slite — eF17

Pierre Renaudin is CTO and co-founder at Slite, Inc., the company that helps teams stay connected across time and space. Pierre was formerly Lead Engineer at Azendoo, a task management tool for teams. Pierre holds a Master of Computer Applications (CMA) from the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux (IPB).

Christophe Pasquier, CEO

Slite — eF17

Christophe Pasquier is CEO and co-founder at Slite, Inc., the company that helps teams stay connected across time and space. Christophe was formerly co-founder of Cabine, an innovative shoe delivery service, and co-founder of Staffit. Christophe holds a Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Jonathan Anguelov, COO

Aircall — eF14

A graduate of ESCP, Jonathan joined eFounders and co-founded Aircall to bring company phones into the cloud!

Barnaby Malet, CTO

Upflow — eF18

Barnaby is a seasoned entrepreneur and software engineer. He joined eFounders to head up Upflow's product & engineering and help companies get paid on time.

Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO

Mention — eF13

With a strong entrepreneurial background, Matt left the eFounders partner team to embark on the Mention adventure in 2015.

Arnaud Le Blanc, CTO

Mention — eF13

After building PressKing, Arnaud brought his expertise to build and scale Mention, an app that crawls thousands of web page per second!

Patricia Bernasconi, CEO

Kairn — eF20

Patricia is an experienced entrepreneur and a former investment banker. An energetic leader, she co-founded Kairn to empower individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

Charlène Thouard, CEO

Briq — eF18

People enthusiastic with a strong background in entrepreneurship & HR strategy, Charlène joined Briq to launch the adventure for real and bring the product to market fit.

Adrien van den Branden, CEO

Canyon — eF20

Adrien is a tech-enabled lawyer on a mission to help legal teams around the world in their shift towards operational excellence. He co-founded Canyon to reinvent the way lawyers work.

Jérémie Sicsic, COO

Briq — eF18

With an impressive track record in B2B sales for big organizations, Jérémie was the perfect fit to complete the founding team and bring Briq to the next level.

Simo Lemhandez, COO

Folk — eF19

A former management consultant and freelancer, Simo has joined Folk to take on the role of COO and leverage the power of networks.

Xavier Durand, Software engineer

Aircall — eF14

Xavier has a background in engineering and a strong expertise in front end development. He joined eFounders to build - and scale - Aircall.

Amine Skalli, CEO

Crew — eF20

Amine has a strong entrepreneurial background having led product at previous successful ventures. He is joining eFounders to lead Crew and help companies reach the moon.

Mohamed Labourdy, CTO

Crew — eF20

Mohamed is a DevSecOps Evangelist with a deep experience building distributed applications. A two times founder, author and regular speaker, he joined Crew to build the first all-in-one recruiting platform.

Mathilde Collin, CEO

Front — eF14

Mathilde is a natural born leader and entrepreneur at heart. She built an amazing team and inspired them to follow her vision, bringing Front where it is today.

VIctor Ferrand, CEO

Once — eF19

An experienced entrepreneur and data scientist, Victor joined eFounders to launch Once and lead it to success.

Arthur Bonnecarrere, CTO

Once — eF19

Arthur joined eFounders in 2019 to launch Once and build a better way for teams and individuals to tell their story and engage their community.

Edouard Nattée, CEO

Foxintel — eF16

Edouard is an HEC graduate and e-commerce expert. He joined eFounder's start program in 2016 to kickstart his first company, FoxIntelligence. Edouard is one of the best entrepreneurs we've ever met - a unique blend of vision, boldness and efficiency.

Nicolas Benady, CEO

Swan — eF19

Nicolas is an experienced entrepreneur and an expert in the payments industry. He joined Swan to start his most ambitious venture yet.

Nicolas Saison, CPO

Swan — eF19

Nicolas Saison - aka Sixteen - crafted Swan to be compliant-by-default as well as a no-brainer for teams to deploy.

Mathieu Breton, CTO

Swan — eF19

Mathieu is an expert software engineer and experienced CTO. He joined Swan to API-ize money.

Julien Berthomier, CEO

Station — eF17

Julien is a 2-time entrepreneur with a strong business background. Before joining eFounders to build Station, he scouted emerging markets for hot tech startups.

William Genis, COO

Fleex — eF20

Having built and ran a B2C furniture rental business for 6 years, William is an expert in everything logistics. He masters perfectly what's at stake to create the best remote experience for each and every employee out there.

Jean-Yves Poilleux, CTO

Folk — eF19

Jean-Yves joined Folk in 2021 as CTO, excited by the potential such a tool could have on any kind of organization.

Paul Vidal, CTO

Collective — eF20

Paul is a former software engineer at a leading cloud monitoring SaaS. Close to the tech freelancing industry, he is co-founding Collective to help build the everyday tools for teams of independents. He looks forward to bringing this new way of working to the forefront and revolutionizing the service industry.

Antoine Louiset, CTO

Yousign — eF19

Antoine is a security systems engineer. He brings technical and product expertise to root Yousign's solution in security and simplicity. He built Yousign's engineering team from scratch.

Thomas Vanderstraeten, CTO

Canyon — eF20

An experienced CTO and former management consultant, Thomas is on a journey to put technology at the service of people, with a passion for the digitalization of complex industries. He co-founded Canyon to bring joy to legal practitioners.

Laurent Perrin, CTO

Front — eF14

With a strong background in engineering, Laurent built the product and infrastructure to scale the business to thousands of daily incoming messages.

Noémie El-Baz, CEO

Fleex — eF20

With a background in finance and after a couple of entrepreneurial stints, Noemie wanted to put her business sense and communicative energy to founding another business. At the border between SaaS and Ops, she's cofounding Fleex to help companies embark upon the future of work.

Théo Rouer, CEO

elba — eF21

Théo is a seasoned data analyst, investor and sales guy, having previously worked at major startups, accelerators, and investment firms. He decided to co-found elba after suffering the pains of a cyberattack first-hand, which motivated him to create a better solution for employee cybersecurity training.

Grégoire Ostian, COO

elba — eF21

Grégoire has a wealth of experience in consulting, with a specific focus on change management. He harnesses this expertise at elba, seeking to foster a strong cybersecurity culture among employees through training and more.

Jean de Rauglaudre, CEO

Collective — eF20

Jean is a former strategy consultant and freelancer with deep knowledge of the B2B sector. Passionate about tech and people, he’s co-founding Collective to combine the two and launch a new vision for work.

Vianney de Drouas, COO

Collective — eF20

Having previously worked in a leading French fintech, Vianney likes the challenge of simplifying legal, admin & finance tasks by crafting great products. He’s co-founding Collective to make work more purposeful for millions of people across the world.

Pierre-Baptise Béchu, Software engineer

Aircall — eF14

Pierre-Baptiste is a back-end expert with experience in VOIP technology. A two-time founder, he joined eFounders to launch Aircall.

Antoine Berton, CTO

elba — eF21

An entrepreneur at heart, Antoine founded a flurry of startups after his studies, including a geolocalisation app and a healthcare tool. He worked at a fast-growing grocery delivery service prior to moving to elba, taken by the startup's timely mission.

Evan Testa, CEO

Roundtable — eF21

Evan is a former project leader at a leading consulting firm who thrives when connecting people together to create synergies. When he realized the central place of social dynamics in the investments in private markets, where exclusive opportunities are only available to a limited few, he decided to co-found Roundtable to facilitate the matching of opportunity providers with investors.

Julien Fissette, CPO

Roundtable — eF21

Julien is a former Lead Data Scientist at a leading consulting firm. He loves building products to solve business problems. When he invested in his first startups, he realized how much private markets were an insider market. He is co-founding Roundtable to help millions of people get access to alternative investments.

Vasco Alexandre, CEO

Dotfile — eF21

Prior to co-founding Dotfile, Vasco worked in Operations for leading startups in the mobility and food delivery industries, scaling processes and teams across Europe. He joined eFounders to build the SaaS tool he wished he had access to back then.

Titouan Benoit, CTO

Dotfile — eF21

Titouan is an engineer by training, and has held technical leadership positions at several early stage projects, particularly in the insuretech sector. With eFounders, Titouan found a match to his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Séraphie de Tracy, CEO

Cohort — eF22

Before co-founding Cohort, Séraphie was Chief Operating Officer at one of Europe’s first blockchain startup. After a career in strategy consulting and in France’s largest financial companies, Séraphie decided to join the blockchain revolution to make it accessible to all.

Nathan Baraillé, CTO

Cohort — eF22

Nathan is an experienced engineering leader with 10 years of experience in the Silicon Valley and more recently at a large French scale-up. As part of a couple of side projects, he got involved in the blockchain and crypto world in 2020. In 2022, he decided to start a company with Séraphie and 3founders.

Simon Ternoir, CTO

Roundtable — eF21

Simon has served as founder and CTO of startups for over a decade. He built SaaS platforms used by thousands of daily users, secured tech architectures trusted by sensitive enterprise customers, and managed international teams on machine learning projects.

Edouard Mandon, CEO

Numeral — eF21

In a previous life, Édouard built finance ops teams in Africa and fintech products in Paris. With Numeral, Édouard sets out to build the operating system for fintech companies and finance ops teams.

Hichem Maalmi, CTO

Numeral — eF21

Passionate about tech, Hichem has a strong background in IT and banking. He co-founded Numeral to reinvent banking payments and improve the day-to-day lives of finance ops teams.

Juliette Pochard-Dufrane, Co-founder

Marble — eF22

As a former strategy consultant with a strong business background, Juliette likes solving complex problems with tech and data. Eager to take on a new challenge, she co-founded Marble with the desire to help fintechs fight fraud. In her downtime, she's a big fan of open water swimming.

Arnaud Schwartz, Co-founder

Marble — eF22

A former banker specializing in new retail products, Arnaud moved to fintech in 2014 to build the first P2P lending platform in France for businesses. He went on to join a B2B focused neobank, building their ops, risk and banking product. He co-founded Marble having become frustrated by the difficulty of setting up a solid and compliant risk department in the past. A Dad of 2, he's an avid runner and biker.

Adrien Hoarau , Co-Founder

Marble — eF22

Passionate about all things data, Adrien is Marble's CTO. Prior to joining Marble, he worked on risk models using AI and Machine Learning for a trade credit insurer, before co-founding his first startup where he built a cloud-based data engine to allow data scientists to process huge datasets. In his downtime, he is an avid runner and foodie.