We nurture a community of talents.
We empower the best talents in the software space to find their future team, join great companies, and build the future of work. Our talents have blazed their trails and are sparking innovation wherever they go.

Working hand-in-hand with eFounders gives you a headstart that is absolutely unrivalled in Europe today. We would have never been able to go this far and this fast without them.

Alexandre LouisyCEO of Upflow eF18

The innovative payment platform for B2B businesses.Upflow screenshot

When you build with eFounders, you immediately start at a winning place. We're still in the early stages but we've already been able to attract the best talent, access a large network and benefit from the hands-on support of all the eFounders Core Team. It's been invaluable.

Patricia BernasconiCEO of Kairn eF20

Rock your days.Kairn screenshot

Joining eFounders to launch Aircall has been a life's adventure. Since then we've been able to reach explosive growth, grow a team of over 300 employees and develop in Paris, New York and Sydney.

Olivier PailhèsCo-Founder & Board Member of Aircall eF14

Make every conversation count.Aircall screenshot