3founders is a web3 startup studio. We partner with world-class entrepreneurs to build the new generation of web3 products.

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3founders aims to build the fundamental bricks, tools and applications so that companies and teams can fully take advantage of the astounding web3 opportunities ahead of us. We're currently looking at reinventing the CRM in a native web3 world and we are also exploring developer tools to allow web2 companies to integrate web3 experiences in their products without compromising on the user experience.

We team up with founders over 12 to 18 months to turn ideas into independent companies.

Ideation — We conduct extensive research to generate ideas and set the vision for web3 products.

Validation — Together, we design the first version of the product and engage with target users to quickly confirm the idea and distribution method.

Launch — We help you turn the idea into a company, recruit your first employees, build the product and outline the go-to-market strategy.

Spin-out — We introduce you to top investors to raise external funding, and we remain by your side as you scale.

Access to world-class ideas and resources from day 1.


We come up with the most exciting web3 opportunities by running an extensive research and ideation process.


Our core team is made up of experts and is here to support you along the way in product, design, growth, recruiting, and more.


Our studio's partners are successful entrepreneurs who will invest in your growth as a leader.

The future of web3 is here.

Florent Quinti, Head of Studio

Florent brings 12+ years of experience in building products from scratch. Before diving into web3, he previously co-founded an all-in-one customer success platform and advised a number of SaaS and consumer startups.

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We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to build the next web3 successes.

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