We give our founders a head-start.
The eFounders core team is fully hands-on alongside the founders. They're a team of experts working on everything product, design, strategy, go-to-market, recruiting and funding.

Adélaïde, People

Adélaïde coaches our founders on everything HR. She brings her experience in hunting top-notch talent to help our founders attract great candidates.

Grégoire J, Legal

Grégoire is our General Counsel. He brings his experience acquired in top law firms to advise our projects on both day-to-day legal matters and important legal operations.

Ines, Finance & Admin

In addition of being a proud mother of two amazing girls, Ines has an extensive experience of financial and administrative processes in the SaaS industry. By putting her skills at the service of the team, Ines allows our entrepreneurs to be totally focused on their product and growth.

Juliette V, Admin & Office

Juliette is our Office Manager. She supports our projects on all things admin, finance, and HR and makes our office run happy!

Martin, Product

Martin is passionate about designing useful and well-thought out elements. He gives our early-stage startups the best building blocks to become unicorns.

Alix, People

As our Talent Acquisition Manager, Alix makes sure our startups recruit and retain the A-teams that can deliver on their missions.

Amaury, Partner

Amaury handles all eFounders Operations in Paris. He loves shaping new businesses, pushing ideas, cracking business models and building teams. He is a former top-tier consultant with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a can-do attitude.

Ben, Marketing

Ben is our Lead Marketing and Growth. An expert in all things GTM, Ben gives our founders strategic and hands-on support to bring their products to market and kick-start their growth.

Grégoire C, Product

Grégoire leads product management at eFounders. He is passionate about solving complex problems and developing products hand in hand with our founders.

Alexis, Finance

Alexis’s main responsibilities include advising partners on investment decisions, working on new ventures and ensuring sustainable funding for eFounders activity. He's also partial to a glass of white chardonnay — out of office of course.

Joseph, Content

Content connoisseur Joseph assists both the Core Team as well as our startups on everything from social media strategy to thoughtfully written blog posts for the eFounders community.

Pierre , Product

Pierre is Senior Product Manager at our fintech studio, Logic Founders, overseeing product development from A-Z. Outside the studio, he’s a dedicated guitar player.

Prescillia, People

Our newest team recruit, Talent Acquisition Specialist Prescillia helps find first-rate talent for our studio and startups. Hailing from France’s sunny south, she’s best known for her scintillating personality.

Quentin, Founding Partner

As a former top-tier consultant and entrepreneur who brought a bankrupt company back on the road to success, Quentin knows how to lead teams and shape young startups into real companies.

Sarah, Content

Sarah helps our companies grow their brand and be more visible. She particularly enjoys spending her time distilling complex concepts into clear and thoughtful writing - as well as finding the perfect emoji!

Yoan , Design

Yoan helps solve problems around current technological innovation using user-centric experiences. He regularly wakes up between 4-5 am to go fly phishing - no biggie.

Thibaud, Founding Partner

As an experienced entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies, Thibaud knows what makes a good idea and how to kickstart it. He's 100% involved in each of the startups and helps them skyrocket.

Alexandre, Product

A true product management maven, Alexandre is particularly enthusiastic about identifying and managing new product initiatives to solve customer needs. He loves working alongside entrepreneurs, and has collaborated with startups throughout France.

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We've got each other's back. We challenge each other, but we're also there to lend each other a helping hand. What goes around comes around!

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